by Kari Rittenbach

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Dead Ends, 8 May 2016, 8 pm

1001 44th Rd, Long Island City-Queens, NY 11101

God help us -- for art is long, and life so short.
-Goethe, Faust

Dream baby, dream

And where is the edge of the electrified grid?
-Anne Boyer

If all (rarified) biological life is industrialized, subsumed under capitalistic activity and subjugated to the presumed organizational intelligence of (man-made) machines, such that even the minimal maintenance required to support the luxurious condition of boredom -- unquantifiable hours of socially unnecessary existence -- is more 'productively' directed toward some form of energy consumption (shopping online, texting while walking, googling porn, candy crush); can such activity be constituted as intellectually (or fundamentally) remarkable?

Entombed in a culture of death -- dead pop, dead products, dead labor, dead idols, dead futures, dead representation -- do we anticipate anything less banal for the circumstances that might arise, after?

The works in this temporary exhibition linger on the romance of the threshold, and the potency of the dead-end.

With David Askevold, Genoveva Filipovic, Marie Karlberg, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Nour Mobarak, Alan Michael, Carissa Rodriguez

On view through May 15 by appointment